YOU’RE INVITED TO A PARTY!!! 

WHAT: A party on Twitter to vote for Destiel in the MTVu Fandom Awards

WHEN: Monday, July 21st from 5pm CST to 9pm CST (just join in whenever you can but we’ll kick things off around 5pm CST) 

Earlier this summer, the good ship U.S.S. Destiel set sail, but since then we pirates have been a bit on the quiet side, so who’s ready to change that and let’s have a party!? A Voting Party, that is! 

Let’s see how many votes we can get in within these four hours while enjoying reading each other’s tweets. 

Just go here and vote for Dean/Castiel as Ship of the Year, then click that little link to tweet your vote, but use your own wording for the first part of the tweet and be sure to include our special event hashtag #VoteDestiel 

Example of standard tweet for voting: “I voted for Dean and Castiel of @cw_spn for Ship of the Year at the 2014 @mtvU #fandomawards “

Example of modified party tweet for voting: “For it is the jolliest ship to ever sail the open seas with the best pirate crew a mate could wish for! #VoteDestiel”

Be sure to include the hashtag as we’ll use that to help count up how many votes we manage to do and include the link so that any that sees your tweets will be able to use it and go vote too if they want to! 

We may even get our hashtag trending! Let’s come together, enjoy each other’s company, and vote, vote, vote for Destiel as the Ship of the Year! 















This is one of those things I will reblog every time it is on my dash

I never even noticed the change. It just sort of…happened. 

he was 26 when this show started. he was well out of puberty. like his voice shouldn’t have changed this much

so what the hell has happened

Well as far as I can tell, hell happened. He couldn’t really talk after being pulled out of hell and I don’t think his voice ever recovered.

He also said in an interview that he purposely lowered his voice to compensate for Misha lowering his.




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